**LaVita children's book "Die Vitalen Acht - Manege frei für Superhelden" **

Eight superheroes and one terrific idea. The lively vitamin bombs Finoccio Fennel, Rike Beetroot, Basti Parsnip, Kira Carrot and their friends find out by chance that their home, Vital Farm, is in great danger! Farmer Betram may have to close the farm, because fewer and fewer children like fruit and vegetables. So they concoct a plan with siblings Lena and Lukas to help Farmer Bertram – and invent the Vitale Circus. Are their superpowers enough to save Vital Farm?

LaVita children's book "Die Vitalen Acht - Manege frei für Superhelden"

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  • As the stars of the story, the fruit and vegetables foster a desire to eat healthily that is appropriate for children; recommended age, 4 years and above
  • Entertaining circus adventure all about the cheerful vitamin bombs Rike Beetroot, Branko Broccoli, Finochio Fennel, Kira carrot, Basti Parsnip, Anne Apple, Massimo Maize and Tadeus Tomato
  • The full purchase price of this limited LaVita special edition goes to BILD hilft e.V. "Ein Herz für Kinder"
  • Written by the renowned children's book author Gaby Grosser, lovingly illustrated by Martina Leykamm and published by Gerd Truntschka
  • Hardcover, 88 pages, cbj publishing house, language: German